Auckland Security Alarm Monitoring

alarm monitoring call centre

24/7 professional alarm monitoring for your home or business

Get your alarm monitored 24/7 by a dedicated security monitoring station by setting up a connection to your alarm. All status updates are communicated in real time back to base so should there be an alarm activation, fast and decisive action can be taken in response, custom tailored to your needs.

Customise your alarm response plan
  • General burglar alarm = Call your phone and contact list and await instructions
  • Silent Panic alarm = Send a guard ASAP
  • Special disarm code = Triggers silent alarm and send guard ASAP
  • Power outage and alarm faults = Call your mobile or send an SMS

Plans start at just $37+GST per month

Includes 2 free security guard call outs!

looking after elderly man

Keep an eye on loved ones

For elderly residents, the alarm can monitor for regular movements in the home while disarmed and notify the central station if movement has not been detected for a preset period of time so a guardian can check in by phone or visit.

Wireless panic pendants can call for help right away and the central station can either call a relative or send a security guard, as per your response plan.

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