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uniview 5mp turret camera

The little camera that packs a punch. Standard on all installs, the UNV “Turret” camera exceeds expectations with a massive 5MP resolution.

Cost effective and absolutely reliable.

  • Stylish design
  • True Dynamic Range ensures maximum visibility in high contrast scenes
  • Infrared Illumination at night
  • Crystal clear colour during the day
  • Totally weather-proof
  • Impact resistant metal construction
  • Attractive design blends in well with it’s surroundings
  • Available in black
Remote App
Free Smartphone app provides live video and playback anywhere in the world.
Free Push Notification to your smartphone for every type of event from motions to system status.
Privacy Mask
Block out sensitive areas such as a neighbours window or computer screen.
HDMI & VGA allow multiple screens. Install a TV at the shop entrance to deter would be thieves.

Commercial-grade cameras for every occasion

uniview camera selection of PTZ, turret and various-focal

Residential Home
Excellent image quality so you can keep an eye on things
Monitor Pets at Home
Know that your pets are safe any time, any where with the free smartphone app
Car Park & Licence Plate
Capture crisp and clear video capture of number plates, 24/7
Shopping Store
Protect your staff, stock and customers
Industrial Factory Building

Digital Video Recorder Capabilities:

  • 4K Ultra HD HDMI output.
  • VGA monitor output
  • 16 simultaneous cameras on screen
  • Up to 128 camera channels
  • Alarm in/out connections for automation
  • Audio in/out for PA system
  • 4G USB modem port

Digital IP cameras means crystal clear video, end-to-end. Existing older analog (coax) camera systems can be easily upgraded without the need to re-cable.

uniview cctv app security camera grid

Give the EZview app a try and view some real cameras in action!

EZview for iOS EZview for Android
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